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02 Feb 2022

ENVITECC’s Ongoing Support to Private and Public Companies

In 2021, ENVITECC supported POPs audits with companies in Tunisia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of pre-investment support to assess the presence of POPs and safe removal and disposal options.

28 Jul 2021

POPs Accounting Methodology and Tool

The POPs Accounting Methodology and Tool was presented by the EBRD’s technical consultant at the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions COP2021.

07 Apr 2021

With EBRD financing, Poland builds first recycling plant for car batteries

Poland will become the site of the first facility in the European Union (EU) for recycling both car batteries and other waste containing metals.

30 Dec 2020

EBRD and Hamkorbank help set up new production line in Samarkand

Dairy products producers will have a greater variety of packaging at their disposal following the installation of a modern production line by Midas Plastics financed by the EBRD and Hamkorbank.

23 Dec 2020

EBRD supports Egypt’s tourism sector

EBRD US$ 12 million loan for development of new hotel in West Cairo serving the Grand Egyptian Museum and Great Giza Pyramids. 

18 Dec 2020

EBRD providing €300 million loan to Tunisia’s electricity company STEG

EBRD is providing a €300 million financing package to Société Tunisienne de l’Electricité et du Gaz (STEG) to support the stability of Tunisia’s energy sector.

11 Dec 2020

EBRD supports Turkmen tomato producer Agromar

EBRD is supporting the expansion of the Turkmen tomato producer Agromar with a US$ 2.5 million loan for the extension of the company’s production facilities.

13 Aug 2020

EBRD provides $4 mn loan to Caspian Beverage Holding in Kazakhstan

Consumers in Kazakhstan will enjoy greater variety and wider availability of beverages offered by the popular local producer Caspian Beverage Holding.

01 Jul 2020

EBRD and EU join efforts to boost green finance

Egypt, Morocco and Eastern Partnership countries to benefit from new climate finance and technical assistance. 

18 Dec 2019

EBRD helps Azerbaijani furniture maker upgrade facilities

Saloglu, the leading furniture producer and retailer in Azerbaijan, will increase its competitiveness and cut its carbon footprint thanks to an EBRD loan.

04 Dec 2019

EBRD and Hamkorbank support dairy industry in Uzbekistan

Dairy products consumers across Uzbekistan will enjoy a greater variety of cheeses by a popular local producer Tillo Domor.