ENVITECC Countries

The countries covered by ENVITECC are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. In the case of Turkey, only the Chemicals and Waste window will be applicable. 

In the EBRD’s Countries of Operation bordering the Mediterranean Sea there is a significant need to implement Best Available Techniques/ Best Environmental Practices (BATs/BEPs) for wastewater treatment and recycling and Persistent Organic Pollutant (POPs) prevention and reduction. The uptake of technologies and awareness levels regarding appropriate technologies and practices is limited. Improvement of regulatory frameworks as well as increased capacity and investment in technologies are all necessary to improve environmental outcomes by reducing pollution which goes directly or indirectly into the sea.

ENVITECC builds upon EBRD’s track record of success in market creation and transformation, and working with the private sector. ENVITECC will work with private, municipal, and infrastructure sectors by providing financing, investment grants and technical assistance to accelerate an uptake of advanced technologies to address land-based pollution, supporting improvement of systems for POPs prevention and reduction, and for water and wastewater management, treatment and recycling.

ENVITECC is designed to facilitate investments in mitigating pollution mainly from point but also from non-point sources. Investments will be made in BATs/BEPs through a combination of grants from the GEF and co-financing from the EBRD.

ENVITECC is designed to also target policy development and stakeholder engagement to create an enabling environment for the implementation of pollution-reducing technologies in the targeted countries. Furthermore, the Project will carry out needs assessments, project identification, and ongoing technical assistance during investment implementation for EBRD clients.

It is expected that EBRD and grant funding from the GEF will co-finance at least 8 private/ public projects related to wastewater treatment, water recycling, chemicals and waste. ENVITECC will help targeted countries in overcoming existing market barriers to POPs and water pollution reducing technologies and practices.