Technical support


FINTECC provides technical support to help companies implement climate technologies.

The programme enables the development of:

  • Market monitoring tools and techniques

  • Project assessment tools and methodologies

  • Needs-based technical support for individual projects

Every project is different. That's why we focus on finding the optimal solution for each individual client. One of the ways we achieve this is through a resource efficiency audit.  

What is a resource efficiency audit?

Resource efficiency audits assess a company's energy, water and materials consumption, along with their waste generation. Conducted by EBRD experts or EBRD-commissioned external experts, this allows us to identify sustainable investments which relate specifically to the company's need.

The process includes a benchmark analysis, a risk assessment, a capital investment appraisal and an implementation plan, all of which are carried out in close collaboration with the company.

Where relevant and agreed with the company, the consultant can analyse management practises concerning the use of resources. They can also work with the company to create corporate social responsibility strategies.

The audit lets us assess the technical and economic feasibility of implementing different resource-efficiency measures within the company. It also helps us to prioritise them, according to their economic potential.