FINTECC supports technology towards a sustainable retail industry

25 Jul 2018
retail store

As part of a global drive towards climate technology transfer for developing countries and countries in transition, FINTECC has supported the making of What’s in Store, a short documentary exploring the future of the retail industry and how innovative technologies help economies make the transition to a sustainable, low carbon future.

Does technology drive retail or does retail drive technology? How does retail play a unique role between consumers and complex supply chains?

Massive changes in information flow, technology and communication, customers’ needs and expectations, offer a clear opportunity for retailers to explore different operating models to play a vital role in building a sustainable tomorrow. How grant access to same quality standards in the countries where EBRD invest in?

The world is becoming an integrated marketplace where customers can shop everywhere at any time and buy across a variety of channels. Big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, digital traceability and radical transparency are transforming the retail world. By responding to customers’ demand and market pressure, retailers are generally early adopters of new technologies.

From Dushanbe to Belgrade via London, Paris and Milan, the film explores the unique role of sustainability at the intersection between consumers, technology and the market, including retailers and other stakeholders throughout the value chain.